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Positive Behavior Intervention Support


  • To enable our students to have greater success in complying with school rules in an effort to have their “best behavior”

  • To reduce “at-risk” behavior

  • To help support teachers in obtaining better student behavior, thus creating a more conducive learning atmosphere


  • Provide and post school-wide rules for each area of the school

  • Provide lesson plans for teachers

  • Revisiting procedures on a regular basis to ensure student compliance


School-wide Positive Behavior Incentive and Support Plan

Each educator will receive DOJO dollars to reward students who demonstrate desired behaviors as listed on the Meadowview Behavior Expectations Matrix:

DOJO dollars will be exchanged for an array of weekly opportunities:  lunch with a friend, computer time, soda with the Principal, help a teacher, as well as teacher/student creative options.

Making Smart Choices (MSC) Celebrations

Each nine weeks each grade level has an age appropriate celebration for those students who demonstrated outstanding behavior during the designated grading period.  At the end of each semester grade levels K-2 and 3-5 will have a celebration in the gym.

Honor Assemblies

Students will receive MSC recognition at each honor assembly.  Honor assemblies will be held at the end of each nine weeks.